Institutional Support

The Driving Simulator Lab has received funding and other support from the following University of Florida entities.

Department of Occupational Therapy

We will lead research innovations, present thriving and varied educational programs, embrace a clinician–scientist model, be fiscally healthy, and serve the occupational needs of people, organizations and populations.

students help local residents at AAA CarFit event

Institute for Driving, Activity, Participation, and Technology (I-DAPT)

I-DAPT utilizes approaches from occupational therapy, rehabilitation science, rehabilitation engineering, and public health to assess and enhance the mobility, activity, and participation of people, communities, and populations for their meaningful, productive, and autonomous engagement in everyday life. To fulfill this mission, we employ collaboration, creativity, cultural responsibility, scientific rigor, and optimism.

Drs. Sherrilene Classen, Stefanie Bodison, Jessica Kramer, CJ Liu, Justin Mason, and Hongwu Wang collage photo

Mobility, Activity, and Participation (MAP) Lab

Through research and education, we will examine medically at risk drivers through the lifespan to provide evidence informed screening, assessments and/or interventions to preserve, promote and improve independent, safe, and appropriate mobility for individuals while protecting the public’s health.

Drs. Classen and Mason attend Autonomous Shuttle launch in Gainesville

University of Florida Office of Research

Committed to facilitating the research and scholarship successes of our faculty and students by creating effective collisions between researchers and funding opportunities, marketing our research capabilities to collaborators and funding agencies, and forging institutional relationships with external stakeholders.

micelles in action under new electron microscope that scans in real time